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The city of Bogor is a city in West Java, Indonesia and just about an hour away from the main city Jakarta. It used to be the capital of Indonesia during the Dutch occupation and now a popular place for the Jakarta elites to have a summer home or for a cooling hideaway from the city. Previously named by the Dutch as a town “without worries” or Buitenzorg. They choose Bogor to be the site for constructing the first palace of the Dutch Governor General way back in 1745.

Bogor is the answer to escaping Jakarta for a day or even as a weekend getaway. With its cooling mountain area with beautiful flowers and animals in Bogor botanical garden. The garden is an important part of Bogor city providing not only employment but a large recreational area for local residents, visitors from Jakarta and many passing tourists.

There are various places to stay here in Bogor as it is a popular place for getaways and traveling for the locals as well. You may find from budget to mid-range and to high end of hostels, guesthouses and hotels here. Popular hotels with good value such as Salak Tower Hotel.

Salak Tower Hotel, located at Salak Street No. 38 – 40 Bogor City which famous with it’s cool air to get memorable experienced. Located in prime location will make Salak Tower Hotel easier to be accsessed by all over directions. Only takes 5 minutes from BORR and Jagorawi toll road so that can easier not only for people around Bogor, but also for people from outside Bogor City. Moreover, do not need to worries if you are not bring private vehicle because there are public transportation that operate 24 hours a day towards and through Salak Tower Hotel.

Salak Tower hotel region also environmentally friendly, you are able to take a walk everywhere and it’s surrounding by exuberancy green trees that will accompany you down the interesting destinatination in Bogor City such as, cullinary areas in Taman Kencana which offers various and delicious dish Bogor City like Klappertaart, Soto Mie Bogor, and much more which located exactly behind Salak Tower Hotel building. Then there are shopping districts which absolutely well known all over Bogor with it’s greatest style that will spoiled your eyes and desired especially for women, and it located exactly in front of Salak Tower Hotel building. Many kind of recreation and entertainment areas can be reached only by some walks!